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e-Bonding to the Rescue for Joseph Bond, General Contractor extraordinaire

Posted by Lorice Haig on Sep 13, 2023 2:59:35 PM

The Challenge:

Joseph Bond had a problem. A job he wanted to bid on requested a hard copy/paper submission and the tender closed in 3 days. Paper bonds from the several subcontractors essential to a successful bid could take longer than 3 days to execute. What could he do?

Electronic Bonding to the Rescue. Joseph called his surety bond broker who suggested he take advantage of electronic bonds (e-bonds), a new and growing trend in surety bonds.

But Joseph had never submitted an electronic bond so was not registered with any e-bonding service. “Not a problem” responded his bond broker. “Just ensure your subcontractors are registered or are willing to register so they can deliver their bond agreements to you in hours, giving you more than enough time to print them and prepare your paper bid submission.”

Joseph was ecstatic and frankly surprised at the apparent versatility of the e-bond option. The surety world that he knew is built on tradition, stringent security, thoroughness and financial protection. Fast was not an adjective he generally associated with surety bonding!

What’s really happening here?

Joseph Bond’s broker suggested he play the role of Project Owner or Obligee and ask his subcontractors for e-bonds for their part of the prospective job. While the typical Obligee is a Government Entity or Private Owner, e-bonds can be requested by anyone needing surety bonds to address financial security and project completion. The Surety Industry has ensured that e-bonds meet all the stringent requirements for legitimate bonds so Joe can request the e-bonds from his sub-contractors, e-verify them on receipt and then print the necessary copies to include with his paper submission.

In addition to meeting the tight deadline Joseph realized he benefited in other ways like:

1. Eliminating paperwork, reducing administrative tasks and time delays associated with traditional paper bonds.

2. Seamless communication and collaboration with his sub-contractors.

3. Features like real-time tracking, document management, and reporting capabilities empowering him, the GC, to efficiently manage his bond portfolio, ensuring compliance and peace of mind throughout the project duration.

4. Cost savings for all parties involved. Reduction in printing, mailing, and storage expenses, coupled with increased speed and accuracy, contribute to overall cost efficiency in the surety bonding process.

A Happy Ending:

Joseph’s subcontractors readily complied with his request for e-bonds. All were received in record time and Joseph’s submission was ready in 2 days, a full 24 hours in advance of the tender due date. Did Joseph win the bid? Stay tuned for another chapter in the life of Joseph Bond, another happy convert to e-bonding.

SignatureMaster™ : an e-bonding solution extraordinaire:

SignatureMaster™ by Xenex, a leading electronic bonding (e-bonding) platform, has been at the forefront of modernizing the Canadian surety industry. With its user-friendly interface, secure document management, and seamless integration capabilities, SignatureMaster™ enables General Contractors like Joseph to meet seemingly impossible deadlines and enjoy the benefits of e-bonding.

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