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Bridging the Skilled Labour Gap with Digital Signatures - Simply Strategic and Strategically Simple

Labour shortage in the Construction Industry is not news. Shortage of SKILLED workers continues to be a long-standing...

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Unlocking the Value of Electronic Signatures in Construction Project Management

Project Management in every industry has its challenges and the Construction Industry is no exception. The adoption...

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e-Bonding to the Rescue for Joseph Bond, General Contractor extraordinaire

The Challenge:

Joseph Bond had a problem. A job he wanted to bid on requested a hard copy/paper submission and the...

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Embracing e-Bonds and Beyond: Securely Signing and Sealing Construction Documents

Many of you are already experiencing the benefits of electronic bonding (i.e. e-Bonding). Let’s take e-Bonding one step...

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Eyes on Industry Technology with XenBot

A study by Forrester Research found that businesses using electronic signatures saw an average reduction of 1.5 hours...

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