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Being Small is a Competitive Advantage when coupled with disruptive equalizing technology

Posted by Saurabh Dubey on Feb 25, 2020 3:23:17 PM

We’re in exciting times. Technology enabled innovation is rampant in every industry and the Surety industry is no exception. We see these innovations as the great equalizers; the game changers that put brokers and carriers on the same playing field regardless of size. Furthermore we believe the small players have an advantage.

Here’s an extract from our blog on “how being small is in fact a distinct competitive advantage”. Download the full article here for a thorough update.

The business world, including the Surety business world is being bombarded with elaborate and somewhat daunting predictions of impending game changers. Digital transformation, big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent interfaces, the internet of things (IoT), cybersecurity, blockchain are but a few examples. The stark reality is that none of these so-called game changers are possible without evolving and automating some of the basic “stuff” on top of which they will sit.

Advantages of small organizations include agility, transparency, entrepreneurial culture, client and market intimacy which all contribute to shorter decision making cycles and faster seizing of opportunities.

The Evolve, Master and Repeat cycle is the best approach to successful change. Small organizations can execute that cycle with remarkable speed and effectiveness.

In a future updates, we’ll share more insights on how to select long term technology vendor partners and what new cool “stuff” is showing up in the Surety world.

In the meantime, give us a call or send us an email with your questions or if you are curious about what solutions Xenex Enterprises Inc. has to offer as a disruptive technology equalizer. We’re Surety focused. Our Master™ solutions are designed to solve pure surety challenges and we’d be delighted to share our 18 + years of surety experience with you.

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